CoC Membership

Become A Continuum of Care Member

There is strength in numbers!  Join the Suncoast Partnership’s Continuum of Care and help us continue to develop and deepen the discussion on homelessness in our region.

Benefits of Membership

  • Participation in bi-monthly membership meetings to network and exchange information, and to receive updates on issues affecting homeless services at the local, state and national levels
  • Voting privileges on issues coming before the continuum
  • Participation in critical committees and work groups that coordinate outreach, data management and address issues as they emerge
  • Monthly e-newsletter highlighting events and issues that affect homeless advocacy
  • Ten free HMIS licenses with necessary training and support for agencies providing prevention and homeless services
  • A resource link to your website on the Suncoast Partnership’s official site
  • E-mail alerts and reminders on critical issues and meetings
  • Assistance with grant applications and program designs benefiting the continuum, including the completion of the annual CoC application to HUD.
  • With the approval of the new Governance Charter, CoC members may be elected to serve as part of the CoC Leadership Council.


  • CoC voting privileges are contingent upon compliance with dues payment
  • Membership application must be completed and submitted with payment
  • One membership = one vote.  Organizations may have more than one representative attend meetings, and should designate the voting member
  • Voting by proxy will be allowed – individual/organization should submit information to the Executive Director by e-mail or in writing prior to any meeting
  • Dues are paid annually and are effective October 1st through September 30th to match our fiscal year, and are non-refundable
  • Individuals or organizations for which the dues create a hardship may submit a request for fee waiver, that will then be brought before the Suncoast Partnership Board for consideration

Become an member today by completing a Membership Application and sending in your dues. (PDF download)